Come Down to See Elvis!

Think Elvis has left the building? Think again! Elvis Presley is one of those rock and roll icons that isn't going anywhere. And you can find Elvis right here, at Polindaz Place. Whether you're planning a party for a die-hard fan or simply want to create some buzz at your next event, an Elvis impersonator is just what you need! Richard Omasta is the true reincarnation of the King! Come over and check out. To find our when his next performance date is just call Polindaz Place at 905-380-4026 or email us: Do not miss it!

Come down and visit the friendly crew at Polindaz Place,
we would love to see you soon.


What Our Clients Say...

  • If you are looking for authentic and delicious food, be sure to stop here. Richard (The Elvis) is a wonderful owner and truly went out of his way to make this store special. Thank you! 5 Stars!
    Sammy H.
  • Best food EVER! What a blast! Delicious, truly homemade and the owner is from Poland AND an Elvis impersonator. He’s the character running the store while his staff is in the back makes the food fresh from scratch. Take the trip! It is worth it!
  • Awesome! This place appears to be new in town and is run by Polish Elvis. We love the pierogis, cabbage rolls and schnitzels. Bought a lot of them. Very authentic. I would recommend this deli to anybody!
  • Great delicatessen. We bought quite a few of the items, thoroughly enjoyed them all. Wonderful polish food, freshly made on premises, great tasting cold cuts, this place is awesome! Top notch! I'll be back for sure.
  • Delicious home made Polish food. We walked into this place with no expectations, just hungry looking to get something before going to see the falls and left truly amazed by the taste and quality of the food Elvis Deli offers. The pierogies were by far the best ones we have ever eaten. The schnitzels were amazing too. As a bonus we got to talk to a very friendly owner of this store who happened to be an Elvis impersonator.